Five Photographs in Five Days: Day Five

So as your brain is telling you, this isn't a photograph.

But it is a digital portrait taken from a photograph (by Jess Smart Smiley) of Chup.

So I think it counts.

I don't always know why I blog, but I am suspicious that it has something to do with my husband. Sometimes I use it as a way to flirt with him, other times to tease him, but mostly always to try and impress him. He's the critical, poetic English Major writer in the relationship, I am just hanging around with my Behavioral Science degree. But as far as impressing him with writing goes, he doesn't hand it out easily. I have to work really hard.

Tonight he called me as he was boarding a plane to come home, "I liked your post today."


"I thought you had some playful phrasing in there."

Playful phrasing?

(Does that sound cheeky to you too?)

Either I really typed up something good, or my husband hasn't seen me in a week.

(Welcome home husband.)

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