Basa Body Baby--Clarification!

Sometime ago I threw out all my body lotion. Nothing was working for me and I was tired of trying to smell like something juiced up in a chemical production warehouse. I went to my nearest health foods store and bought myself a large jar of 100% coconut oil. White, slick with the natural smell of Polynesia. It was a dream come true for me, my skin glistened,
as I listened,
to compliments pouring in.
Not that I do things for straight up compliments but who doesn't?

It was also worry free, when The Chief inevitably discovered the jar and started to swallow the contents I knew it was perfectly safe--if not healthy--for his palm-full of coconut oil to slide down his digestive track.

Last week my Aunt Liz stopped by with a new solution called Basa Body. It is a product of the women of Kenya and coconut trees. Together, they make products rich in coconut oil. I was given a package of treats including Basa Body lotion, Basa Body stick and some truffle soaps. I am not usually a passionista of bathing products (mostly because I prefer cw's homemade soaps to just about anything) but I had a testimony of coconut oil. I knew my body would love this stuff.

As a side note, my Aunt Liz is one of my idols and whatever she does, I do unquestionably. She's one of those maverick women who'd you find in dusty saloons in an old western. Beautiful, strong, soft and clever. And some more beautiful, brave and raised a pack of five boys while keeping up her blond. I wish I had a photograph.

I really believe in Basa Body. The lotion has a creamy consistency which layers on my skin with a quick dissolve. I took the stick on my trip to NYC and used it as a facial moisturizer--the stick is compact for travel but powerful as a full day moisturizer. On Sunday I let The Chief wash up with one of the truffle soaps and rested easily when he started to eat the fine smelling bar. No chemicals, all natural treat in the tub. Just ask The Chief who eats anything with form and function (which doesn't exactly explain his obsession with Pirate's Booty). As a statement I say: I whole-heartedly blog about Basa Body today.

Basa Body was created to help
the mothers of Kenya be successful at providing for their children. The project was stimulated by my other amazing family, The Popes who are genuinely the most generous (and quirky) people around. Today, I join with my cousin Jayne and sister Stephanie in making the world more aware of Basa Body--its spirit and soul.

If you'd like to learn more about Basa Body go here.
If you'd like to buy Basa Body for everyone on you Christmas list (what? Great idea! They are nicely priced) go here.
If you'd like to read Jayne's testimonial go here, for Stephanie's go here.


After some emails and comments, I feel I need to clarify that Basa is a family project that we are helping spread the word about today. I was given the product for free, but I will receive no other compensation for my blog post. Honestly, I love the product and I am happy to share the word. That is all.

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