2009 Year in Pictures: May-August

In May we took our second voyage to see family in St. George. We spent most of our time in the hotel's over-sized bed and cousin's dreamy clubhouse pool. If vacations get better don't tell us, we love the desert.

In June Chup and I took a trip to London town. The night before we left, the notorious Jed Wells came over to Retro House and took family photos of us. This one is my favorite. Because who doesn't like a foot rub?

Also in June, I reunited with my brown hair. Landmark decision.

I took a blogging break in July. This photo sat on top of my blog for a month (for better or worse). I have never received more inquiries than these purple shoes--my inbox was spilling over (who knew?) You can read about them here.

It was the heat of August that tempted The Chief and I to take our show on the road. "The road" meaning the A/C- induced cool of our living room. But next year look for us in a town near you. We're the new Judds.

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow . . .

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