2009 Year in Pictures: January-April

January was frigid. Cabin fever melted our cooped up minds. All six of us.

"Give me sunshine or give me death!" I declared.

"To St. George!" Directed Chup.

When the car was packed we headed down south to visit our cousins. We swam, we ate, we slept, we saw the stars again.

And within the walls of Zion's Canyon I found my sunshine.

In February I hauled all of the furniture out of our front room in hopes of a spacial make-over. The children were leaving to go live with their parents and it was time to change things up.

"Spice." Jane called the transformation.

When I think about the children living with us I think about this photo. It represents the daily interaction of Chup and the children. There was always enough room on his lap, or shoulders.

The spice of a new living room was hardly comparable to the loss of spice we felt when the children left our home after six months.

But we survived.

March made me 32.

My favorite number.

It was April that delivered back our sunshine after three dreary months.

We found this Easter bunny hopping on our wet grass.

Just kidding, that's The Chief (with bunny ears we bought at the dollar store).

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow . . .

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