2009 Posts in Review

The Ever Evolving a brief introduction to my blog, and how it connects to my sister's blog.

Neglector perhaps my first and greatest lesson of motherhood I learned while making sugar cookies.

Househusband an essay about a husband I wish I could see more.

Quiet Noise a photo essay with Blue Lily photos taken days after my sister's children left our home after six months.

In My Thoughts About Becoming an essay about wanting to be good.

Publishing:Book or Baby will my future hold a new baby or a book . . . or both?

Little Resurrections about Easter.

Year of Lifetime wherein I profess my love for my boys.

Mammorial Day Part 2 my thoughts on weaning The Chief.

This Way a mini-travelogue about a walk The Chief and I took through town. My mother's favorite.

Nothing to Hyde a post about love in Hyde Park.

To Partake in Whole ahh the famous food porn post. Just to be clear, I love the women who called me out on this post and I love the term food porn . . . and I love dumplings.


Took a break.

Compression, Expansion, Illumination a post about the darker days of my sister's recovery. Also, written after I found out I was pregnant again.

Happy Birthday Chup! thanks to you, we aren't homeless!

On Deciding About Bibs we go public (sorta) with our pregnancy.

First the Babies maybe one of my favorite posts ever? Can I say that?

A Heavy Meal on becoming a woman, woman.

The Tent a true spooky story.

Writing on the Wall a tale about homemade graffiti.

More Than Enough a self-reflecting book review.


8:37pm for the nights when putting the baby down comes too soon.

They Try To Pull Me Away, But They Don't Know The Truth a nod to my early blogging style. Ah, the good old days.

Readers, thank you so much for being here with me this year. I am grateful to you for your readership. I've got some new ideas for 2010 blogging, hopefully I will earn the honor of having you around for another one.


Love, love, love
c jane.

*photo by the great Justin Hackworth.

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