Ho! Bo!

Well, I guess it is time for me to tell the rest of The Tent story.

As it turns out, we found a hobo living in our yard.

Yes, a hobo.

We caught him one evening drunk on Pirate's Booty
while rummaging through our stuff
looking for shiny things.

And to make matters worse
he wasn't wearing pants.

I chased him off our property using words like Skedaddle! and Scoot!
Oh boy did I mean those words too!

Meanwhile Chup shot photographs
for evidence of the crime.

The whole episode went by like a blur,
he picked up his knapsack
and started running . .

. . . laughing the whole way . . .

Last we saw him he was headed for the hills,
begging for candy from door-to-door as he went.

If you see him around, tell him he left his mangy tent here.

He knows where.

*costume, make up and knapsack all produced by Daddy Chup
isn't he clever?

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