My Answer to the Golden Home Teaching Question--Update!

After church Chup and I settled into a large bowl full of edamame. If you ask us, nothing beats an after-church snack more than edamame coated in sea salt. Just as we started in to our pinching and chewing, two men in suits came walking up our driveway.

"I forgot to tell you," I admitted to Chup, "the home teachers are coming today."

For those who might not speak LDS-ese, home teachers are two men from the ward assigned to look over, teach and bless your family. Typically, they have two or three families they visit once a month. All worthy males churchwide are home teachers, like Chup who has a couple families he looks after with his energetic red-headed companion Aaron. (Read more about home teachers here.)

Our home teachers are Jacob and Tyler. Today was Tyler's first visit, but Jacob has been coming by for over a year now. Jacob is the smartest person I have ever met, simply put. He's the guy that got bored of high school, took the GED and skipped straight to college. He has this quirky sense of humor and the very most unique way of looking at life. Mostly though, I like Jacob because he has adopted his mother's philosophy about home teaching visits, "Home teaching visits should only last fifteen minutes, or else time is being wasted" because sometimes home teachers can stay far too long . . .

We invited them in and asked them to share the edamame with us. We got to know Tyler a bit more and decided he is a young cool cat who plays street soccer and has a humble intelligence. So as far as home teachers are concerned, Chup and I are sa-tis-fied.

Today's message was about obedience. Jacob referenced several biblical stories to which Chup nodded his head. I don't know why he was nodding his head but he did and I liked it. Tyler shared with us a scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants which stimulated a lively discussion. It was great.

When fifteen minutes was up
, and the edamame were gone, we had a closing prayer. As they were leaving, Tyler asked if there was anything they could do for our family. This is an unspoken home teaching ritual,

they say, "Is there anything we can do for your family?"
and you say, "Nope. Looks like we're doing just fine."
except I always answer with, "We like treats!"

Which is when Jacob said (in a helpful voice), "I've learned that this family always can use food."

At first I was embarrassed, because who wants to be known as the family who could always use food? It kind of sounds like we are food opportunists, begging off the baked goods of our home teachers.

But what if treats are a need too? I mean, some families need help raking leaves, others might need help moving heavy furniture, or assistance with a rat infestation. Our family needs delicious edibles to keep us happy. I think that makes things pretty simple. I mean, is it too far fetched to say banana bread has saved a few souls?

Just this past week when Chup was somewhere in Ohio and I was somewhere in I Am Going To Go Crazy Because I Want My Husband Home and I Don't Want To Make Dinner, But Yet I've Got To Feed A Small Child, Simy showed up with homemade breadsticks. I testify to you, those breadsticks brought salvation to my starved soul. Suddenly my lonesome self was comforted and I had the energy of seven eagles. Or was it twelve?

So, treats. Final answer.

Thanks Jacob and Tyler.


Look at what showed up on my doorstep tonight with a plate full of cookies? Who has the best home teachers huh? Who?

Provo readers, I am getting political (and pictorial) here.

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