Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shellacked! --Sad News

All my blogging life
I wanted a signature and tonight I created one.

In gold.

(Because if my living room can't be gold, my signature can.)

In other news, maybe you've noticed I've switched blog ad agencies?

That is right, I am now part of team BlogHer.

Already I feel at home.

Every time you visit my little place here,

you'll be glad to know you are helping me:

one, raise money for The Chief's future


two, buy maternity clothes.

Gold maternity clothes.

Put that in your visualizer and enjoy the thought.

(Thank you for both!)

And now . . . . my signature:

Post-edit: Too many problems with my signature (Mac readers can't see it, for one) has forced me to ax it. The tragedy is all mine. All mine.

Believe me, it was beautiful while it lasted.