Just as I promised, The Chief and I spent the afternoon in the backyard. I was beat so I just flopped myself down on the grass and baked in the sun. The Chief--bare skinned--wondered around the area, as he always does, taking a sampling of anything he could find. All samples go inside his mouth cavity for internal assessment and back out wrapped, dangling in spit.

I was thinking about self-sufficiency.

(On my mind a lot lately.)

The Chief came back to me with a pear. This despite the fact that there are no pear trees in the recent vicinity. And yet, there he was with yellowish greenish, freckled soft pear clutched in his fingers. And he was so proud, offering me--his mama--the first bite.

I bit into the pear.

It was delicious.

Maybe the best pear every plucked?

I thought for a second about . . . maybe . . .you know . . .where that pear had come from.

Then again, how would you refuse that offering? I was wildly charmed with the fact that I had my own little hunter/gatherer. A man-child who searched the fields to feed his feeble mother. Inside of his male make-up he has a natural desire to provide. And look at this! His tiny ego was fed by success and bravery! His smile spread so high on his face it actually flared his nostrils.

I offered back the pear.

He took it and baptized it in the pool (pond), turned around and offered me another bite. My teeth sunk into the dripping fruit as it pleased my son. He laughed and held it up for another chomp. I obliged.

I said, "Now you eat it."

So he did, he took turns around the backyard eating the pear. When we went inside to put his shoes on those little feet, he continued eating the pear. In fact, exactly two hours later I heard the bell tower chime four o'clock. At that point I watched him, upside down in the stroller, finish his last bite.

Do you know what I can't believe?

I can't believe I cried when his ultrasound revealed we were having a boy.

I had no idea.

Just . . . no idea.


Just in case you thought this was some subtle attempt to announce we are having another boy (don't put it past me right?) It really is just about me and The Chief as a pair.

We are a couple weeks from knowing the gender of this baby, even so I am desperately trying to talk Chup into waiting until birth. Can we do it?

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