I am so sorry.

I promised a theory post, started to write it and was rudely interrupted by my husband who decided to come home from a four-day business trip.

When I say "rudely interrupted" I mean, I was so excited he was home I couldn't do anything else but stare into his man-eyes and call myself Lucky.

On Sunday night I am going to finish that post and Alexa Mae, it is going out to you across the Red Sea (inside joke).

In full disclosure, while he has been gone all week, I've had three extra children (who might be Claire, Jane and Ollie) while my sister is across the country, was involved in taping a couple segments for a talk show with my family (ohh a teaser!) AND managed the fortitude to not let my constant companion--nausea--compete with my competency. And so let's put our hands together for me!

Clap! Woot! Hollering across Texas! And Australia!

In return, I shall going to drop a little present off on your computer's doorstep. It is a Cooking for One episode I did for my friend Katy Knight. Please be aware of a couple issues:

1.) We shot this video many months ago when I still had blond hair and some very luscious post-partum/breast feeding pounds on my body. I tell you this because if I don't, surely I will be getting emails reading, "I don't know about you going back to blond . . .maybe if you combed it . . .?" or "You are looking pregnant already! That was fast!"

I sing, dance and make quesadillas. All hot.

3.) Katy and I have been friends since birth. We also starred together in a Jackson 5 lip synch contest in high school when Katy was the Student Body President. She wanted to put a clip of the lip sync in the segment, but SOMEONE lost the tape. And I think that SOMEONE knows who HE is. HE is the person who lost the lip sync contest to US. Sour grapes after fifteen years makes for bad whine. I just made that up.

4.) I don't really cook naked. Mostly, I don't cook.

5.) It is a full-powered c jane you are going to see in this video, I mean the c jane uncensored. This me when I am with my friends. It might be too much for you. I repeat: IT MIGHT BE TOO MUCH FOR YOU. In other words, it might be TOO MUCH for you.

Consider yourself warned, alright?

Have a great weekend, and eat quesadillas!

*photo above is Wendy who didn't make the video, although she spent the night wrangling The Chief while we cooked. What are best friends for? I ask you?

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