Can I Hug You?

I sat in the waiting room of the hair salon Saturday.

I sat there waiting.

(Not long.)

But as I sat there I picked up a magazine.

It was called Utah Valley Business Q.

It was about bloggers in Utah County.

I read about Emily Cushing.

I read about Kelly Anderson.

Who were asked,

"What blogs do you read?"

And they mentioned little me.

(c jane.)

I was so touched

sitting there


A big lump of emotion sat

in my throat.

When I tried to swallow it down

it made me tear up.

I know there isn't a lot of time

for everyone in this world

to sit and read


But thanks for reading mine



and you.

I've never really done giveaways

to show my readership appreciation,

but for what it is worth

I always give away a little bit of my heart

in every post.

(You are worth it.)

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