One More Can't Hurt, But One More After That Can

It is quite possible
that March's quandary of book or baby was the portal for me starting a new blog. dear c jane has been a joy to work on, it is a simple idea and only requires a small percentage of brain capacity. I look forward to the dear c jane emails and following-up on reader tips. Companies have responded in kind (my gosh, thank you for following the links!) by giving c jane readers discounts. Oh happy hands! Clappy hands! It is 3:15 in the morning and I am typing blinded by exhaustion!

But I can't go to bed without confessing that I started another blog. I know. If I start a fourth blog it means I have become certifiably. Certifiably you know what . . . but hear me out.

My trip to London inspired my desire to appreciate the loveliness in my own neck of the wood/mountains. So I started a blog about Provo. A love letter to my town, complete with Chup's photos, my words, and invites to parties or restaurants you can't miss.

Check it out here (still way under construction, mind you.)

And last of all, and possibly most importantly, in starting these new blogs I intend to clear the air on this blog and reserve it quietly for my prose, thoughts, ideas. Promotion free, give away free, partially hydrogenated free blogging. Just me (me, home body, awkward, lisping me) and you (marvelous you) and this planet we call cyberspace.

Doesn't that sound nice?

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