Monday, June 1, 2009

Indulge Me

Last night when Retro House shared no noise (except Claire and Jane's dvd in the den) I set to answering my emails. Are you already thinking this post isn't going to be interesting?

Wait for it.

So I was answering emails, and I started to notice a very strange trend. Every third email was from a curious reader wanting to know where I got my rose earrings, or black skirt or pink shoes or where The Chief got his leg warmers or recipe for black bean burgers or . . .

. . . and it flatters me. Really makes me feel like I have style/recipes/baby clothes that are worth emailing about. But most of the cool stuff was sent to me by craftspeople who own etsy shops or little online boutiques, so I can't take much credit. Though believe me, I really want to.

Hold on, I am having a deja vu . . .
(happens to me a lot when I blog)
. . . and done.

I know how it goes. How many times have I emailed bloggers asking questions like "where did you get your perfect pair of maternity leggings on your post about taking your son to the park?" Reminds me of the reader who sent the email begging to know where Lucy got her green maternity dress because it was the perfect shade for a upcoming summer wedding. We've all got needs.

This morning, after my experience with my inbox last night I woke up wanting to create a product blog where I can share information with readers who--like me--enjoy finding bits of pleasure, nothing too expensive or fancy, but little somethings to wait for in the mail drop. Do you have a mail drop? I do. But please don't email me asking where you can get one, unless you can time travel back to 1950. And if you can do that, why are you wasting your time emailing me? Think of all the World's Fairs you could visit! Be off!

My product blog is called "dear c jane where did you get . . ." for obvious reasons, and it will point you to the simple joys you see in the photos on this blog. Of course, I hope you will keep my inbox alive with your inquires so I can post more products in the future. Unless you can time travel, then you will already know what I will post. This is getting confusing.

Please note: we are still under a little html construction. Things are bound to get better in the future (oh no, here we go again . . .)

Behold! I give you dear c jane where did you get . . .

*** and while we are at it, if you produce swank t-shirts for ladies (I heave a 36inch bust) I want to do business with you. Please email me, summer is not going to wait for my wardrobe and I need to get it started in here.