Brain Engorgement

Ok, you got me.

I am having a very lazy blogging week.

Except that I started a new blog, that should give me some blog cred.

Blog cred? What am I talking about.

Here is what I am talking about:

I am in one of those phases in my life when I have, in my head, a tank of thoughts--a reservoir of reflection--but lack the tools to channel their flow.

How did you like that reservoir analogy?


How about a breast feeding analogy? You are engorged, you've got to have a release, you start nursing only to drown your poor baby in impatient milk, and your baby looks at you like, "are you kidding me?"

Too much at once.

That about sums up my brain activity right now.

And I am learning that the most important word in my vocabulary

is: wait.



And soon my thoughts will sift

and truth will remain.

Like gold panning

or a can of black beans.

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