Whistle While I Work

This morning while doing dishes I was thinking about Kate Winslet winning her Academy Award. In her speech, she mentions her parents and asks her dad to whistle so she can acknowledge their presence. Without hesitation her dad whistles out in the crowd, and my gosh I get goosebumps every time I watch the replay (7:28). That is unscripted life.

But there is something about that whistle. I imagine her parents in the audience spilling over in excitement. Something about the eagerness of a family who support one another. Something about sharing success with those who've been there all along.

Is it possible to read too much into a whistle?

I am not sure why I was thinking about Kate as I loaded the sudsy glasses in the top shelf, but it made me think about family relationships. How hard they are at times, and how rewarding too.

I thought about a time a couple years ago when I felt at odds with one of my brothers. We disagreed on some important issues regarding the future of our family. I decided to visit him at home one evening, not to try to change his mind, but to learn more. Instead of discussing anything relevant to the issue, I observed him in his home. His children climbed all over him, teased him and adored him. In this instance, he became much more than my brother who disagreed with me. He was such a good person, who was trying to make strong choices. I was softened, and I've never had a hard feeling for him since.

I know my brother would whistle for me. That is it. If I ever win an award, and I am up on the podium with my custom-made designer dress and shaky/nervous voice and I say, "Whistle Brother so I know where you are!" He'd whistle immediately.

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