This Little Piggy Went to the Provo's Farmers Market: Week One

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Hey Utah County Neighbors!

The people of the Provo's Farmers Market
have placed artwork all over downtown Provo kiosks announcing the Farmers Market (STARTS TODAY!) Raquel, who is the Market Director told me that anyone who finds the art work, takes a picture of themselves with the art work, and posts the photo on their blog/website/Facebook will receive a free Provo Farmer's Market bag which are newly designed this year! So, in other words, I just need to show up to the market today, find Raquel (who is cute, and looks like this) and tell her I am qualified for a new bag. Because look! Here is my photo!

You sorta have to crouch down a little.

Also, Chup and I will be posting Farmers Market photos on c jane every Saturday as long as we are in town, and as long as the season endures.

Also, (I am so buzzed about this!) there is going to be genuine Belgian waffles for sale at our market. Only those who have experienced the experience of true Belgian waffles (here is a photo of one I ate in Brussels four years ago) can appreciate the experience of eating one locally. See Azucar's post about it here!

See you there!

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