Things Making Me Jubilant Today

My siblings at our backyard Mother's Day Party.
(Matt, Lucy, Andrew and some creepy guy eating ice cream in the background)

(Taken from my brother Matt's blog, photography by me.)

A couple days ago I sent out an email to my family. Not knowing if anyone ever reads my mundane announcements, I planted a teaser at the end of my mail.

"First person to respond to this email gets a strawberry pie."

Then I waited all day for a response. Finally my efficient brother in law Vance (who is set to climb Mount McKinley in a couple weeks-he is a maniac) wrote me back.

"Strawberry pie please."

When Vance came down to retrieve his warm pie I made him take a few photos with it, only because I wanted to demonstrate to the other family members the rewards of reading my emails. As I shot away (without my derned flash) Vance obliged by holding the pie and smiling.

"Warm pie!" he exclaimed while posing with the pie.

"Good!" I said from behind the camera. "Keep modeling!"

"Like, really warm pie!" he said again, acting like he was smelling the pie.

"Nice!" I encouraged.

"Warm pie really hot on my hands!" he said as cheerful as ever.

"How hot?" I asked cheering him on, clicking still.

"Like, burning my hands hot pie!"

Then I realized that the tin on the hot strawberry pie was probably scorching. He picked up an oven mitt in desperation.

"Um, sorry." I said putting my camera down, feeling foolish.

Anyway, I hope that when Vance is beating back the -118 windchill factor on McKinley he will have warm (really hot) memories of my strawberry pie.

On days when The Chief decides to spill his morning nap into the early afternoon, I like to visit one of the world's best Food Blogs Conversation With a Cupcake. I relish that all recipes are conceived by Brooke with witty story lines. I laugh, I cry, I get really hungry. I like dramatic treats.

To my amazement, Brooke has offered to make one of her brilliant concoctions inspired by my modest life story--how one short blogger became a woman of words--that sort of thing. She delivered three options in my email, to which I was ask to choose one.

Um, how do you choose?

-Chili Mango Cornbread cupcakes with pure vanilla ice-cream & bittersweet jalapeno ganache

-Mountainous Angel-food cupcakes, topped with Burnt-Butter icing and a halo of rainbow-sugared fruit and edible flowers

-Laced Coconut-curry cookie sandwiches with lemongrass mousse filling

Wanna help me? There is a little poll (I am a confessed poll fanatic) up in there to the right. Vote for recipe that says "Sweet! Spice! Humility! c jane!"

Because I am all those things. I am every recipe and every recipe is me.

And so are you.

(That was deep.)

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