The Angel in Me

Over a month ago I mused about having another baby, or writing book. I allowed the spirits of consideration to dance with my soul for a few weeks before I decided on a steady path.


As a result of revelation, I've learned a book or a baby seems to be in my immediate future. Worthwhile goals, ones I intensely hope to achieve in the next few years, but not in the next nine months. I am moving on to new considerations, different spices and new spirits to dance with in morning hours. Because, if nothing else, I am a firm believer in personal reinvention. It is the secret to life.

I am starting with a cupcake. Thanks to passionate voters, Brooke from Conversations with a Cupcake has impersonated me with flour, sugar and a halo of edible flowers. Watch my baked-self transform from nice into spice. If my end result looks as good and tastes as delectable as my recipe I shall be very content.

Watch the transformation at Salon c jane!

p.s. steady yourselves for Brooke's mud cake a la Nie to be coming soon to Conversations with a Cupcake!

Voting results for the recipe that is most c jane:
Chili Mango Cornbread cupcakes with pure vanilla ice-cream & bittersweet jalapeno ganache
548 (16%)
Mountainous Angel-food cupcakes, topped with Burnt-Butter icing and a halo of rainbow-sugared fruit and edible flowers
2314 (70%)
Laced Coconut-curry cookie sandwiches with lemongrass mousse filling
432 (13%)

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