14% of You Can Detect A Lie When You See One

Here is the truth.

Lab Rat-Of all the stories, I wish this one had not happened. Though it all ended well, it took a better part of my life to put an end to my annoyance. If I die early the Lab Rat is to blame.

Frankly Hypnotized- Though it seemed improbable for a virtuous young women to follow an older man into the depths of his basement, I did. That story is all true, and to prove it to you, my friend Rachel sent me a message reminding me that when I had quit the hypnotherapy circuit, Frank called on her to be my replacement. Her story is much the same as mine, to which we are still trying to figure out why we did it. But now I know! He hypnotized us.

Dancing Queens-Lie. Total fabrication. I did move out with my friends into a dumpy apartment, but that was about all the truth to that story. Except, one time we went to New Years Eve in Las Vegas and after visiting the local second hand store we all came out wearing something ridiculous. I had strawberries wrapped around in my hair. Then we spent the evening walking up and down The Strip being lunatic. So bizarre costumes, true. Rest of the story? LIE!

Paradise Lost-True. Sad. Sad. Sad day in the life of c jane.

And as a side note, to all of those who thought that my family were strictly BYU, my mother and eldest brother went to the University of Utah, as did I for a semester.

But, we've since repented.

I'll tell you something. That was a whole lot of fun. Not only to revisit my college days, lying days and days where I did incredibly delirious things, but also to write down my stories for posterity.

Only, do I want posterity to know these things?

Anyway, I am recommending it as a blog post suggestion to anyone out there with Blogger's Block.

Oh my fruit, did I just come up with Blogger's Block?

Thanks for playing along. We really have a good time together, don't we?

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