Dancing Fool

Yesterday Lucy and I spent sometime concocting April Fool pranks for our husbands. Her unlucky spouse Ric has fallen for the old rubber-band-around-the-kitchen-sink-sprayer two years in a row.

The problem with marrying a clever guy like Chup is that his revenge exceeds the original prank. I've thought of dozens of ideas and then I think of his retaliation. Maybe we're just not that kind of marriage, we keep things cool.

As we were discussing, my sister in law Lindsay showed up with her four children of delight. If you ever need to believe in the goodness of well-shaped genes e-mail me and I will send you a photograph of their family. And the baby, Sweet Marie, is too adorable for this earth. Someone will eat her soon, and it just might be me.

Lindsay's second son, Jesse, is an April Fools Dandy born on the first of April. To celebrate this occurrence they delivered a mass of birthday invitations for Jesse's best of friends. Only, in light of the holiday, they told each boy a different party theme.

Seth! Come to an Indiana Jones Party! Dress up at Indie!

Matthew! Come to a Buzz Light Year Party! Dress up as Buzz!

Tyler! Come to a Super Mario Brothers Party! Dress up as Luigi!

And won't it be funny to see the confusion? Five-year-old boys wondering what went wrong.

After we talked about the impending party, Lindsay got to work teaching me Beyonce's All the Single Ladies choreography. As a present to my son, I am going to perform it with Lindsay and a couple nieces at his first birthday party Dance Off! I know, what a mom right?

We practiced in my kitchen for a half hour. Kids ran in and throughout the house--and seemed to double as we went along. At one point a couple six-year-old nieces sat and laughed at my hip bumping. My body's memory is a little stiff in certain areas. As a natural born dancer, I must say that my neglect of hip thumping and shoulder rolling has had a sad effect on my gait. Oh, but as soon as this body of mine remembers how to move I will show them! SHOW THEM ALL!

During our rehearsal I was once again reminded that I am nothing but a free spirit. I tend to be a little too enthusiastic, and without trying, I groove like a wanton gypsy (ok, a stripper, really). Lucy had to look a way a couple times. At least I'm not clumsy, (is what I tell myself) I've got the beat in my bumps. Lovely lady step bump bumps.

I realize that you are now thinking that my intention of performing Beyonce at my son's first birthday party is an April Fools joke. But no, child, this is for real.

Even this: no retaliation required.

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