Adventures in Babysitting Part 2

Yesterday The Chief and I
hosted cousins Luke and Stella for our third consecutive day of watching my siblings children (on Monday we had the Nielson crew).

What is that saying? Building up blessings in heaven? Something like that?

Anyway, Stella insisted on keeping her backpack on the entire time, because she knows how "things get lost easily" and Luke simply wanted something to throw or something to drink in a bottle. Apparently he doesn't mind vanilla soy milk, cause that's all we got. Cow milk gives me the heebie jeebies. Did I spell that right? But really, drinking cross-species lactation? Almost as bad as eggs.

I could go on, but I won't because I am building up blessings in heaven.

As for The Chief, well, he was his normal howdy-doody self:

Did you need a babysitter? My Friday looks clear.

Just kidding. The Chief would never forgive me.

Blessings count: 2,334

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