Photog Missing-Rethought, Reaction

I really had some good stuff to post today,
but I've decided to hold off until my photog can take proper photos for my essay. My photog, where is he when I need him?

Umph. Instead, here are the details of last night when Lucy slept over:

After The Chief was all snug in his crib we watched Twilight. Here is our review: it was just like the book. And, to take it one step further, tell me what it is that I am supposed to like about Bella? The girl has no zest. She is void of interest or smiles. And she does that whole mouth stutter thing that was started from the pouty actors in Party of Five. You know, where you watch her mouth form seven different words before an actual sound is made. It's supposed to be a cute way of being overwhelmed. I don't like it.

Oh yes and we ordered out Chinese. Tofu and broccoli, tofu curry, tofu lo mein, egg rolls and vegetable fried rice. Suddenly, my world is better because I eat more Chinese and less string cheese. I can feel my sides sinking inward.

We had a blizzard last night while we were sleeping. When Lucy came down the stairs and saw my front lawn frosted with snow she started crying. Pregnancy hormones I think. I told her it made for more fragrant lilac bushes in May, but then she started eating a bowl full of Ohs and was just fine.

I think I'm going to go warm up some tofu left-overs for a post-breakfast snack. Actually, I always eat left-overs cold. You may have heard that I am suspicious of mircowaves. I think they change the chemical make-up of my food. Sodium becomes Potassium and then Mercury. That sort of thing.

My hair has lots of volume today. Is it the humidity from the storm? I'd show you a picture, but remember?

My photog is missing.

For those of you (and your Aunt Carol) who want to know where to send cards, gifts and chocolate cake for my sister Stephanie this address is for you:

c/o c jane
2250 N. University Parkway 4876
Provo, Utah, 84604


More thoughts about Bella's non-intrigue. Maybe Edward can't read her thoughts because she doesn't have any? Think about that one.

The thought hit me that I think I judge a woman's character on the idea of being her daughter. If I'd like to be her daughter (for a day, let's say) I judge her to be a good woman. Now, if you think this is narrow-minded of me, I will say that I just sat in the tub for the last half hour and thought of women who I don't especially like but I'd still be willing to be their offspring. Both real and fictional characters. Emma Woodhouse would make a fun mom, no? As would Cruella De Vil (especially if you like both black and white). And for the sake of pop culture, how would you like to be Paula Abdul's daughter? Think about that one.


From Carrie via Facebook

I completely get the Bella mouth thing, too. NOT cute. You make me laugh! Have a good day with your voluminous hair!

Why thank you Carrie, I will.

(Head bouncing side to side).

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