Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thousand Post

Birthday Hair a la Ashlee

On my second morning
of being thirty-two I feel a bit cheerless. A little melancholy, I guess. Not that yesterday wasn't a dreamy day filled with surprises, love notes and honey wheat bread on my doorstep. It was an all encompassing birthday which ended with my finding of two bright yellow Adirondack chairs in my living room Santa Claus style. Really, a gift to my backyard for April.

Days like yesterday remind me of how much I have been given. A nurturing man, a smiley baby, a lunch table of sweet family, forgiving friends, birthday hair and Pier One for pillows. All of these for starters. My life's catalog of gifts from God is many folders thick.

So why the low-spirit? I feel undeserving. How could a devious soul like mine warrant a universe of grace? My offenses are many, my assumptions world-class and temptations rabid. My insecurities keep me from opportunities of service and my responses to phone, e-mail or other communication outlets are hardly ever returned. I've got pride in my front pocket and a smear of selfishness on my shirt. Which is why I usually wear aprons. I'm not all bad, but not all good.

I know the best way around this twist of nature is to get to work on giving back. I am going to do that, I really am. First, I am going to get my baby dressed, and then I will think of something. Yes, something will bring me back to buoyancy.

In the meantime, I have been captivated by the story of Grace, a beautiful baby girl who just passed a way from a congenital heart defect. I would like to pass on their blog in hopes that the goodness I've seen can be sent their way. God bless you Grace, and your good family.

Read about Grace here.

The Frog:
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