So a long time ago (when I looked like, ahem, this) I opened a Facebook account but didn't tend to it like a good Facebook girl should.

I don't know what has gotten into me, but now I am in a Facebook frenzy.

Wanna be my friend or something? Just don't ask to me to join anything. I am in it for the random hellos and entertaining updates.

Okay, I am also in it for competition. Chup has more friends than I do. It really hurts. Makes me think I wasn't as popular in high school as I thought I was. And I thought I did alright. I mean, he was in some chamber choir called "Magicals." Which is fine, but not nearly as provacative as School Newspaper Reporter.

Ding! Round One goes to c jane.

Check out my profile (and terribly deceptive profile picture) here. Hurry before Facebook goes the way of Myspace.

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