Next, I Think I'll Run For Governor

Thanks to Barbara Thornton for the well-documented photos.

This is the account of how I
, c jane, came to say the pledge on the floor of the House of Representatives for our great state of Utah.

First, I got an email from my father (Representative 63--officially on his badge) saying that he didn't think I should quit my blog until after I accepted his offer to lead the pledge to open the daily lawmaking on the floor of the House of Representatives on the nineteenth of February. (The nineteenth being one day after his anniversary of being married to my good mother--incidentally also 63 years of marriage. Or what seems like 63 years anyway.) For the public record, I never said I was going to quit my blog in the first place.

If you are confused right now, imagine being me.

Second, he asked me to also invite my older sister Page and my younger sister Lucy.

I did invite them. Page said "maybe some other time." Lucy said "Sure as long as I don't have to talk and I can just stand there and look pretty and also can I bring my husband and will there be lunch?" I also invited my mother, The Councilwoman who showed up this morning in our carpool with the most smashing Jackie O outfit you've ever seen since the actual Jackie O. Mutha loves Jackie O.

Barbara (with the family) who will have a baby boy soon--I couldn't help wish I were her because baby boys rock my socks. Do you love The Chief's snow pants? p.s. his awesome onesie was donated by this good shop.

we met lots of Capitol Hill friends who read the c jane and the nie nie, including that one lady who got a little mixed up and told Lucy that her granddaughter "just loved her blog so much!" Her blog? Her blog? Lucy holds a firm stance that she will never own a blog and if she did, she WOULD NEVER post pictures of her latest trip to Cancun wherein she displays photos of her and her better-half, half naked, swinging from touristy traps. Instead, she feeds chickens and tends to a beehive. To each her own, I say.

Fifth, a shout-out. Nice to meet you Southern Belle Sandy, Beautiful Barbara and Minority Smart Rhoda. And in case this is a guilty pleasure night, well done Representative Edwards. Thanks for helping us feel so at home.

Sixth, the Speaker of the House announced us as Representative Clark's granddaughters. Laugh, laugh, unintended gaffe. Made my Dad feel old like giraffe. (Slight poem.)

The Salt Lake Tribune media guy told me that The Chief was "the most innocent person he'd seen on the floor all session." Then went on to snap ten million photos of my babe who thinks cameras are just a facial attachment.

Dad prayed eloquently before his colleagues.

Nine, I said "Please follow me in the pledge" with a smile, while Lucy stood there looking pregnantly pretty, just as promised. My question: who had the harder job, me or her?

I say the pledge (see my shoulder there in purple?), Lucy is pretty and The Chief looks on--symbolic of the future of the great state of Utah . . .

I am saying "Sandy, I think I should come to South Carolina with you in March." Inside joke.

Ten, to our toast we met Chup for lunch at Gourmandise and ended the whole adventure with eclairs, fruit tarts and chocolate mousse cake.

What day to be a citizen of Utah. I think we can all agree, having a common blogger say the pledge today means progress for our online community. After this day, blogging will be a bit more respected throughout the halls of our congress, in the hushed rooms of appropriation committees (stole that one off the door to my dad's office) and on C-Span. Fellow Bloggers, this was a victory for us all.

Good night. And you're welcome.

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