The Monaco in May

The '74 Dodge Monaco came with the house.
It was a package deal for Chup.

"You get the house I get the car."

It worked with the contemporary look of the place, anyway.
Charm? Shall I say?

Mint condition too.
Driven by an neatly woman to church-and-back once a week.

On the day we were presented the title and keys, I went into labor.
Sailing like a boat on concrete, we went for a ride to pass the time.

With my husband, Lucy and me lounging in the front seat.
I, in my laborious purple housedress.

Speed bumps. Contractions.
Equally exciting.

Drove past an old boyfriend's house.
Up the Indian Hills and over to Canyon Road.

Used the horn at neighbors out gardening.
While listening to memorable music on the dial radio.

So smooth was the Monaco, I thought for a moment about giving birth in the back seat.
Calling our baby Dodge by association.

But we floated back home.
I was barefoot.

And hours later our lives changed forever more.

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