Happy St. Elko Day

Every year On Valentines Day
my good parents-in-law (Honey and Popeye--I call them) send us chocolate-caramel valentines. They are huge, heart-shaped and handmade by a chocolatier called Fredricksons in Twin Falls. Valentines Day is a double celebratory occasion in our family because it's the anniversary of Honey and Popey's elopement. They took off and married in Elko--just two young lovebirds. So just to keep things simple, I sometimes call the holiday St. Elko Day. Then I have a fat chunk of my chocolate-caramel valentine. No sharing please.

But this was The Chief's first St. Elko Day and it made me think:

If Honey and Ringo eloped to Elko.

And Chup and I eloped to Vegas.

Where will The Chief elope to?

Don't answer that, unless you are going to assure me that The Chief will never get married. Is it my maternal instinct to continually dread the day that some girl will vie for my son's heart and win? Can't he just always be mine mine MINE?

Anyway, we'll teach The Chief to get married in the temple like we did after we eloped. Like Popeye and Honey did after they eloped. Because unlike my chocolate-caramel valentine (hawh), we believe families last forever.

Which means that I will always be The Chief's mom, which is a pretty good eternal gig.

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