Welcome Newbies Allow Me To . . .

For those visiting from the Weblog Awards (did I say yesterday was the last day to vote? Well, you've still got a half day left) and wonder what is going on here I have some answers.

First of all my name is Courtney but some people call me Jane even though that's not my name (it's my middle name). c jane wasa login my sister Stephanie gave me when we signed up for hotmail accounts. Hotmail, that was the same time as Stonehenge wasn't it?

The banner is an inside joke, that you could come to understand if you were to delve deep into my archives. I'd link to make it easier for you, but think of all the pageloads I'd be missing out on! Trilllllllions!

I've been a blogger for years now, only that in the recent month or two I've allowed the upgrade to Mommy Blogger as I am now a certifiable mother.

Before I became a Mommy Blogger I was just a silly, self-fulfilled blogger with a wild sense of narcissism. At the time I was married to an actor and employed myself as an aimless writer and had a severe obsession with burritos on the west side. If all of that sounds boring to you, then I give up. Wait, here is more. I don't have much political persuasion and currently I drive a Lincoln Navigator. Does that do anything for you?

My blog became big news when a family tragedy occurred and major publications picked up our story. The Today Show, New York Times, Arizona Republic. But I would take it all back just to have a completely healthy sister. You know, fame is fleeting and I am counting down my seconds.

But while I am counting down . . . why not win an award?

Also, I am a Mormon which makes me required to love everyone. And I am trying.

That is about it.

Oh other than, I am still married to my actor husband who likes to read Autoblog when I fall asleep at nights. He'd like to own a S2000 someday.

Which explains my ads.

For the love I've got spicy friends. And loyal soulmates.

And a few enemies it seems.

But remember? I love them too.

Thanks for stopping by!

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