Vote Like Your Mama Told You To

The 2008 Weblog Awards
Tis the season to vote for all of your favorite things in 2008, I guess. Thanks to some readers I got word tonight that I am a finalist for the Weblog Awards. My category is Best Major Blog. I didn't even know I had a Major blog. What does this mean?

Okay I feel sheepish about me asking you to vote for me. But it's only because tonight when I was with the girls waiting in line to get sandwiches at our local (very crowded) sandwich shop my skirt fell down to my ankles and I didn't even know it until Claire was laughing uproariously (cue all costumers: look this way) and I had never felt more like a loser. I was wearing a large and spacious coat which made the movements of bending over and retrieving my skirt that much more awkward. And to add, I was wearing pink rubber boots. It was disturbing start to finish.

Anyway, right now I am losing big time to Post Secret. So, if you wanna cast a vote for me you can do so here.

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