Wednesday, January 21, 2009

There Are Four Things

There are four things that I really need to get off my chest.

Did I just choose to phrase my first sentence with "get off my chest"? Get off my chest? Really?

One, this book, written by blogging friends around the world for Nie's Recovery was awfully nice. Thank you for supporting our family in your funny way:

Two, my brother is an absolute genius. After I saw his play Nosferatu last October I sat in awe of his brilliance. This show is like nothing I have ever encountered in theater. Heavens, I don't even like theater. If you want to see this masterpiece it will be playing again for one day only. February 4th, one show at 7pm and one show at 9pm. Tickets are now on sale at UVU Campus Connection at 801-863-8797. Learn more about the show here and here.

I am so proud of you Topher! You really are a real Mormon Artist.

Three, Give Away Today is Giving Today a couple of my books. If you win I will sign it and address you by your full nomenclature. I will even forge my own signature. Go here to win yourself. ***To enter you must comment at Give Away Today. Comments on my blog don't (unfortunately) count. Though they do count in my heart.

Four, my bishop is the newest Provo councilperson. When we found out we toilet papered his house with biodegradable, fully-earth-replenishing, environmentally-sound rolls. He doesn't know it was us, though I am sure I will have to confess sometime. We were just so excited and what do you do with all that excitement? You toilet paper. You do.

See here for an article and a mug shot. Not a real mug shot, after all, he is my bishop.