Nie Ski Day Auctions

In conjunction with the Nie Ski Day coming up on Thursday I've been asked by the very generous people at Canyon Sports to hold some very cool ski-ish auctions on my blog. These auctions will start tonight (Jan.4) as soon as I press publish and run until the evening of the Nie Ski Day on January 7th (midnight.)

If you would like to bid, simply put the dollar amount in the comment section of each corresponding auction. When the auctions are final we will get you in contact with Canyon Sports so that you can receive your prize. And what prizes they are!

1. Ski with Chad Lewis, BYU great and NFL Pro-bowler. Ski for an hour with Chad, who is not only a great football player, but a great skier and an extra-ordinary person.

2. Group of 5 Alta ski passes. Ski with friends and family at Alta

3. Group of 5 Snowbasin ski passes. Ski with friends and/or family at Snowbasin

4. Group of 5 Canyon's ski passes. Ski with friends and/or family at the Canyons

Ready? Begin!

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