Last Night Diablog

Me: (Checking my e-mail)

Chup: (Checking his e-mail)

Me: I have the best blog friends. They keep e-mailing me the latest about the Weblog Awards. Seems some people are starting to gang up on me because I'm a Mormon. And cheerful, I suppose. Cheerful is so not intellectual.

Chup: Who is in the lead?

Me: Um, let me check.

Me: Autoblog. Autoblog? There is a blog called Autoblog?

Chup: (Silent).

Me: Is that supposed to be a play on Autobahn? Cause that is pretty clever.

Chup: (Silencio).

Me: Autoblog totally sounds like a site you'd look at without telling me because you know I'd make fun of you. Auto. Autos. Autoblog.

Chup: I do look at it. Everyday. They are huge. Everyone looks at Autoblog.

Chup: (Recoils after raising his voice).

Me: Well honey, if I lose to Autoblog at least one of us won't be sad.

Chup: And one of us can go back to being cheerful.

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