It's Official and an Official Letter to Autoblog

The 2008 Weblog Awards

But even more than that, we won a friend in Autoblog.

See here for their sweet concession post.

(Thanks for the brokerage Md.)

And here is my response:

Dear Autoblog,

Chup and I have a most excellent marriage. I know, because I have had two and so I can actually contrast and compare (follow me, Autoblog, follow me).

The only catch in my marriage, thus far, is my husband's incessant need to swallow and digest details on parts, models and whothecrapcares information of cars. Let me put it this way, my husband is the Rain Man of the Autoworld. It's nuts.

I am jealous of his lust for the voluptuous '89 Lotus Esprit Turbos, quirky Austin Healey Bug Eye Sprites and the worst of all, the taunting-yet-attainable Honda S2000. Snick, snick.

Oh sure, occasionally I will catch an episode of Top Gear with my husband, but only because I liked to dream about the mysterious entity of The Stig. In my imagination he
is James Bond. (Only to find out that he actually is a family man? Bo-ring!)

But then when the Universe put your macho blog in the same category as my little bitty blog it brought our marriage closer. In respecting my competitor I came to respect my husband's world of transmissions, engines and spoilers. I never thought this day was possible in this lifetime. (Mormons, as it turns out, believe in a life after this, so I there was a small chance in eternity . . .)

But suddenly Autoblog, I care. I really care. And if I could make you a little button that says "Autoblog, Revving Up Rusty Marriages One Post At A Time." I would. You could post it next to the sidebar by your ads (which currently are showing offers for Book of Mormon, so thanks for that too).

Maybe next year I will even try out to be one of the Detroit Car Show models.
I mean, if I can win a Major Blog Award against such a reputable blog such as yours, certainly I am allowed to keep dreaming big.

Much love and devotion,

c jane

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