Santa Brought:

The essentials.
Like new sleepers*.
For the sugar plums dancing
in the dreams of all good children
on Christmas Eve:
Sister sleepers must match
(isn't that in the Christmas rule book?)

For Claire?
Some culture.
For The Chief?
A Red Rider High Chair
(You'll eat your thighs out!)
For Gigs
(and his new paper route)
a new bike!
(Lucy and Ric are so relieved.)
Jane was outfitted for the snow
and the terrain.
(If at first you don't succeed try, try again Jane.)

And Oliver was pleased to see
that Mother Nature made him a
new sword
on Christmas morning.

For Chup?
Strep Throat!!!
All wrapped up in fevers and shakes!!!

As for me?
Chup respected my annual Christmas wish.

Just his love.

After we demolished Santa's offerings we went to visit Mommy in the hospital.
We spent the afternoon together.
Opening more presents.
Having candy.
Watching the sunset over the valley.

It was glorious.

Once again, I am at a loss of words in thanking so many of you for making our Christmas magical. Baskets of breakfast, adorably knitted hats, wood blocks (and food!), personalized and specially-designed t's, spicy stuff for me and new clothes for my baby. Handmade dolls and leg warmers too. Plus so much more. . .

Santa is good.

But so are his huge-hearted helpers.

Bring on the new year!

*Sleepers is a borrowed term from Godmother Reachel Bagley

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