The Next Step In My Blogging Caper

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At the birth of my blog I had a link list to all of my blogging friends and family. There were probably four, no maybe five blogs on my list. Then there was a blog explosion and before I knew it, everyone had a blog. Even my mom (now defunct). I really hated maintaining that list, you know, there are hurt feelings involved. I couldn't have that in my blogging chi (did I just use chi correctly?) so I just wiped my slate clean and slowly added just my family. I can't hurt their feelings, I have to live with them for eternity. Long time, you know?

But now there is the Blog Frog. The little buddy at the end of my sidebar who links to my friends for me. (If you link to me, you are my friend.) (I am so easy, baby.) Here are the details that I did not copy and paste (except for the paragraphs that I did copy and paste):

Introducing "c janes supporters"- a way to recognize you, the readers, who make this blog what it is. This widget was created especially for c jane run by The Blog Frog (however, it will eventually be available to everyone).

"c janes supporters" are people who link their blog to mine. A partial list of what blogs link to mine was created by The Blog Frog (they have a robot that crawls the web and tries to connect blogs together). Therefore, some of you may find that your blog is already in this database so you may already be a supporter. (If you don't want to be on this list, click on "Visit the community", then you will see a link that says "Remove my blog".)

To become a supporter, first add a link to this blog somewhere on your blog's sidebar. (If you already link to this blog, you don't need to add the link again, just go on to the next step.) Then, go to the widget on this blog and click "become a supporter." Enter your blog address in the box and click submit. The widget will then go to your blog (behind the scenes) and verify that you have a working link.

The next time you or one of your friends uses the link on your blog, your picture and a link to your blog will appear on my blog! If you hover over your name, your blogger profile (If you have one) will be displayed as well. The widget displays the last 6 "referrals" from supporters. Even when someone else clicks to my blog from your blog, your photo and blog will appear. (You can only appear at the top of the list once per user who clicks per day.)

You can also click on "Visit the community.." to get to know each other better and interact with other readers of this blog. If you have questions about the widget please email (not me!) and he will answer them.

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