Better Button

My overpaid blog designer Jed fixed my button so that it no longer has a white background, making it more accessible for your sidebar. I mean, if you want my button. I feel really insecure just assuming you'd want my button. This is like high school all over again.

Do you want to go out with my button?

Will you go to the prom with my button?

Is it ok if my button adds you as a friend on Facebook?

Can my button sit with you in Biology?

Do you think that David Archuleta and my button would be a hot couple?

Anyway, if you want my button, here it is in code:

If you don't want my button I understand. I mean, I think I do. It's not like my button is the Homecoming Queen.

P.S. Jed's design services will be available in January 09 for you to overpay him (thanks for your e-mails). We'll make a big announcement and chuck bio-conscious confetti.

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