Your Questions Part One

Due to the volume of e-mail we are getting (thank you!) we aren't able to answer each one. Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

How are your mom and dad? They are keeping the faith. It is a wild ride, of course, but they are strapped in for the long run. Last night they showed up to help me with bedtime. My mom read the favorite Wizard of Oz pop up book to the girls, and my dad snuggled with Ollie and played Buzz for awhile. (My dad asked Chup, "What does Buzz say? To Something and Beyond?")

Of course, my Dad is in the middle of an election and that is always a bit hectic with cottage meetings, posting signs and going door-to-door. He really loves being a State Legislator and desires to continue to serve. This is the first time he has ran opposed in this position. So for him it is all about time management. Emotional management too. He is a good man.

For my mom it is all about keeping her heart from completely breaking. She's a good woman.

There is a lot of love going out for both of them.

Have you recorded the children's voice for their parents to hear? Yep! Done!

If C & S have insurance where are the donations going to?
Insurance and the state are helping, but all rehab, post-hospital surgeries and long term care are all out of pocket. It is expensive to have new skin.

Is Page the sister with the short hair?
Page (seen above) is indeed the short-haired sister. Steph used to have the short look too, but decided to grow it out for the first time in her life this past year.

Where do I send my request for re-posting on Nie Nie Dialogues? We'd love to post a photo with your request as well, so attach one if you wanna!

What about a Nie book? Please don't fret, we've got a committee looking into a Nie book. That is right, a whole committee.

What is the latest?
Steph's skin graft surgery went well yesterday. She is a bit more responsive which is the natural progression at this point. We are sending down siblings as much as possible to be with her. Katy, Lisa and niece Lindsay are there now reading your cards to her from the bedside. Christian continues to rehabilitate.

Have I thanked you for your prayers?
How could I ever do that enough?
Please them coming!

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