You've Got a Friend in Me

In former days,
Chup and I used to call Steph and ask her to put Ollie on the phone. We liked to hear him sing that old Toy Story classic "You've Got a Friend in Me." He'd always oblige, and you know what? I really like children who perform musical theater on demand. That is my sorta kid.

In this video though, I cramp Ollie's style by throwing in my own lines of lyrics after it appears that Ollie's singing is derailed and shortly stalled.

So I sing: If ever you're down/ I'll be in town. (Notice the wink!)

To which Ollie emphatically corrects: No, it doesn't do town.

Me: There's no town?

Ollie: This from Buzz.

Then, The Chief: Waaaa. Waaaa. Waa.

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