To Put Near Le Toilet

I need to say a big fat thank you for all of those who have purchased my humble book. I am overwhelmed by your response.

I hear the book is perfect for the bathroom. I don't know what that means exactly, it's just the word on the street.

And the proceeds will go to a sister-to-sister fun fund. Whatever Nie wants. New hats? A boatload of decorative pillows? A spree at Anthro?

Thanks also to Segullah and for making this happen. It was a surprise to me, and possibly the kindest thing anyone has ever done for c jane save it be my mother who birthed me and my husband who eloped with me.

Anyway, please do "enjoy it."

In the bathroom . . .

. . . or wherever.

p.s. Have you checked out my post below? Oh. You are going to want to do that . . .

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