Ollie with his Daddy this past summer
Just got back from Arizona last night. We managed the transportation through various shuttles, airports and car rides. Somehow in the whole process we forgot Ollie.

Ok, we didn't forget Ollie. He gets to be his dad's new sidekick for at least a week, or until dad says it's time to head back to Utah. Chup teared up as we drove away, we're going to miss that little knuckhead.

It happens to be that very special day in October when the Birthday Gods glow their loving spotlight on Claire. That was a really fancy way of saying today is Claire's birthday. We celebrated last night at midnight as we wound away to the long term parking in a cold shuttle bus. She wasn't even embarrassed.

When Claire was about to turn two Stephanie and Christian went to Hawaii leaving us with their firstborn. We handled a very delicious Turning Two Tea Party and successfully navigated her second Halloween. These past experiences lead me to believe that we can pull off another birthday five years later. Anyway, we shall see.

But without further ado, I've got some links:

Ryan Tanner, the amazing voice behind one of our favorite songs on the wonderful (and much linked by me) Baby Mine lullaby album, has pulled some strings (enjoy the pun) and is holding an auction for a sweet guitar signed by our favorite American Made rock and roll band Wilco. Not only do we love Wilco here at Camp Retro House, but Mrs. Nie loves them too. And they are Jolly Porter's musical dream come true. And I digress.

For the auction and more info please see here.

And those Nie tees that you've wanted? They are here.

Thanks to East Valley Productions who are phenomenal, and who I would go to for all of my video-graphic needs if I lived in the Mesa area, we present Golden Slumbers (also off the wonderful Baby Mine lullaby album) as sung by Mindy Gledhill, Claire Nielson and Jane Nielson at the Mindy Gledhill benefit concert. Enjoy Jane's stage composure. I taught her that. I am turning into a stage mom. Ok, ok on to the link . . .

Golden Slumbers

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