Message From The Chief

Hey Friends,

It's The Chief here.

A couple of months ago when I still simmering in my mama's tummy, she opened a baby gift carrying some seriously cool homemade onesies from her cyber friend Nat the Rat.

I couldn't wait to get myself born so I could wear such stylie stuff. And I do.

A couple of weeks ago my Mama posted this picture of me and Claire in my giraffe onesie. My mama got e-mails from readers asking where they could get one. Mama now calls me a trend setter. It's cool that I'm so cool.

Nat the Rat now has an Etsy shop open with onesies just like mine. For this week only you can buy them and half of the proceeds will go to my Auntie Steph and Uncle Christian's Recovery Fund. Serious as a diaper change.

You can read the history behind the onesies here.
Or you can skip the sentimentals and buy them here.
I am going to ask Nat the Rat for this one here.

And now, back to my midnight milking.

Thank you and good night.

El Chiefo

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