Lighter Notes

First Jane told me that my breath smelled like a Pet Store directly after I had just mouth-washed and brushed. Then she asked me seven times in a row if the hoven was still on.

Is the hoven still on?

Is the hoven still on?

Is the hoven still on?

And when my Jane-eese translation kicked into consciousness I figured out that she was asking if the stove top was still hot because she wanted more Ramen Noodles. Who introduced Jane to Ramen Noodles? Now it is always:

I want Ramen.

I want Ramen.

I want Ramen.

After Ramen she wanted a slip-n-slide. So Uncle Chup made her one that took up the whole backyard and required water that trickled for deleted traction.




So that by the bedtime she was buzzing around the Retro House talking about pigs at school and one billion words a minute while consuming four bowls of sticky rice.

andshegotabirthdayspanking!isn'tthat funny?abirthdayspanking!andshechewedherbirthdaycrown . . .

When I asked Jane to tell me the source of her energy she continued talking, and added, "I don't know! I'm just really pyper!"

Pyper, pyper, pyper Jane.

I love you.

Update: Christian has a full daily schedule of rehab. Stephanie had surgery today. Skin graft surgeries take time to process. We will know in a few days how much of her body accepted the grafts. We are so grateful for prayers for her continuing recovery. It is a long road and we will be patient. She is still listed in critical condition and is in a continuing chemically-induced coma.

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