The Human Touch: A Perspective By Our Brother Andrew

This post is written by our brother Andrew who has the distinct pleasure of being smack dab in the middle of the family (number 5). He is married to Megan and the father of four (3 girls, one boy) and is just about the most tender-hearted man you'll ever meet.

I’m privileged to be a guest blogger on cjanerun. I’ve always been the older brother who poked fun at my sisters for blogging. I mean c’mon who has that kind of time? So here it goes . . .

Many families over the years have come up with their own vocabulary. My family is no different. We as siblings grew up with the word “mug.” Mug is an action word. Mug is similar to hug. Yeah, I know they rhyme. A mug involves the hug but it is much more personal. A good mug could involve the massaging of feet, hands, scalp and back. Kisses from the neck up are free game in the mug. It’s not uncommon for our mom (councilwoman) to call one of her children and say; “ I haven’t seen you for awhile, when can you come by the house so I can mug on you a bit?” So we do and she does and both parties win.

In the evenings my three little girls like to get in the tub. On special nights after the tub I let them choose from one of their mom’s many scented lotions. They take their time as they peruse the many flavors. After the lotion choice is made they climb onto our big bed and wait their turn for a massage. I’ve found this is a great way to get them calm, quiet and easy to talk to. When they are done they put their PJ’s on and they smell so good before bed. This small tradition is a special way to say ‘I love you’ through the human touch. Although they do not realize, these moments are bonding them to me. I take great pride in my mugging abilities! Oh, and Megan always gets one too.

As children of a loving Heavenly Father we are entitled to certain basic needs. I believe the human touch is as much of a basic need as food, water and shelter. The human touch has the ability to calm anxieties. The human touch has the ability to heal wounds. We as parents kiss scraped knees all the time. The human touch has the ability to heal hearts. It can cause one to fall in love but, most of all it establishes a connection that the verbal word cannot.

Last Thursday Megan and I were given a charge from the nurse (Page) and the councilwoman to go see Nie at Maricopa Medical Center and to mug on her. We all understand the great healing power a good mug would and has had on Nie’s ever living skin cells. So we did. We made the trek down through the majestic red rock of southern Utah, crossing the Colorado River into Arizona. We marveled at the beauties of the high mountains of Flagstaff and finally into the blooming deserts of Phoenix. Upon finding Nie I mugged on her. I massaged feet and legs. I offered touch to her bandaged arms and shoulders. I lightly touched her scalp and kissed her face all the while expressing love and counting blessings. We talked about her great husband who is so strong and noble. We talked of her kids and the angels that walk with them at all times. Finally we talked of great times had and many to come. Meg and I left Phoenix this weekend better people. We love each other more, we love our kids more. I’m grateful for the power of the human touch.

Our loving Savior Jesus Christ went about His ministry on this earth blessing and teaching his flock. He cleansed the lepers, healed the sick and raised the dead. He washed the tender feet of His disciples. He asked the children to come to Him and sit upon His knee. He blessed the children. And He did it all with the human touch.

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