Abc 4 Utah, A Photo of Gigs and a P.S.

Gigs still believes in the BYU Cougars even after their disappointing, life-altering, most-depressing, BSC-busting loss to TCU last night.

Ok, I am dishing the link to my interview with Barb from Abc 4 Utah. See me (and a quick shot of the girls) here.

My condolences to Lucy who made Gigs look exceptionally cute for camera time, and his shot didn't make the cut. Same goes for Ollie who even sported new jeans and a non-Spideyman shirt just for me.

Oh media!

p.s. I will let you know about where to buy Nie Nie Ts as soon as I know. For right now, they are only available at Nie Recovery events. Will keep you posted.

p.p.s. Jimmy is being lovingly cared for by The Nielson's good neighbors in Mesa. He is in very good hands. In fact, when I was there last, he was gifted a King-Sized doggie bed. Jimmy never had it so good.

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