"Chup," I said seriously. "I am falling in love with Ollie."

This confession was brought to pass this afternoon as I followed the great Ollie Trail of little prizes (cars, pennies, grapes, stickers . . .) in my last round-up for the day. I am a bit surprised at how devoted I am to his Ollie Highness, being that I always thought I'd be more of a girly mom.

But these boys are surprising me all the time.

As I watch Gigs follow Lucy around, insisting her that all her attention belongs to himself, I am more convinced of my personal theory about having sons. A boy needs to be constantly in love. If he can't be in love with his mother, he'll find someone or something else to captivate his admiration. I hope to be The Chief's one true love until he is at least thirty (just like his daddy). When he finds a woman good enough (que impossible!) I will give back his heart so that he can gift it to her. Please bless that day will be slow in coming . . .

Of course I am finding out that the other part of my theory is that the mother falls just as hard for her son. People ask all the time about what is wrapped around The Chief's finger. It's me. Oh boy, it's me.

And now I am in the same position with Mr. Oliver. I even watched Chicken Little with him twice yesterday. Cuddling too. Plus, I let him put honey on whatever he deems necessary and don't say a word about how many paper cups he disposes of in one hour's time. He just calls out "COURT-NAY!" and I am off kicking up dust at his command. I kiss his wounds, I tickle his belly and aid in his Buzz-to-Spidey costume changes twelve million times a day. The dude is my fella.

So tonight as we sat in the hallway opening up letters and packages from sweet friends (thank you so much!) I noticed that Claire had a special letter from her school class in Mesa. Attached to the card was a picture of Claire, Steph, Jane, Ollie, and Gigs-in-a-stroller on what looked like the first day of school. We all clamored to see it. (Any photo of Stephanie and Christian is a hot commodity around here. We like to stare.) I noticed that when Ollie was allowed a look his eyes lit up like Paris in July.

Then the biggest smile.

Then a little laugh.

He turned his head slightly towards his shoulder, all-the-while staring at the photo.

"That's my mom." He said to me pointing at his beautiful mother.

My heart sunk a little.

The boy obviously has the hots for someone else. I mean, totally enamored with the gorgeous brunette bombshell. Hair pulled back. Sunglasses draped over the lip of her shirt. Huge smile, rounded cheeks.

I watched him stare for awhile with his lovey-dovey eyes and beaming visage. Here was the woman of his dreams, his first great love.

I never even had a chance.

S&C Update: I am writing this post around 11:00pm. I am still waiting word on Stephanie's surgery. Preliminary reports are saying that all went well today. We know prayers (yours, ours) are being answered. As soon as I know more I will post.

Christian is slowly coming out of his sedation. Even brushed his teeth. We are so very glad for this news. We love you Christian!

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