Tomorrow on Today

So a few of us are going to be on the Today Show (NBC) tomorrow in the first hour. I am thinking we might try wearing matching outfits, blue and white, to show our support of the BYU Cougars. Use our vast audience for a good cause.

I enjoyed this article written by Stephanie's friend Laura from the Arizona Republic. (She even calls me "Courtney" which is sorta edgy. I like it.) It's a sweet piece reflecting on Steph's blog and the incredible reaction from this generous blogging community.

It is strange though, you know, talking to media outlets as my sister fights along with her beloved Christian for a continued life. I pray that I am saying what needs to be said. Mostly, we want to say thanks to friends both here and there, online, offline, on-the-line, for feeding us daily love.

Daily love, that was Steph's blogging mission. Talk about a full circle experience . . .

More later . . .

P.S. Here is what you get when you link here, a sweet pic of me and my boyfriend Ollie and a sampling of my cold-induced Delilah voice. Enjoy, my people, enjoy.

P.P.S. I heart Reachel Bagley, author of, who is using her talents (mainly her heart) to help me out with all that is going on right now. Three fat, huge, massive cheers in her direction.

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