Totes, Ropes and Dollies

Tomorrow and Wednesday are your lucky days. While completely solving the demands of your Christmas shopping at ONE ETSY SHOP ONLY, you can also contribute to the Nie Nie Fund. That is right, I am talking about One More Moore's Nie Nie Benefit Sale! You will be able to purchase a brilliant variety of handmade arts and all proceeds go the Nie Nie Recovery Fund.

This is how it works:

Tomorrow and Wednesday, you will go here.

Look through all the wonderful things to buy.

Buy online.

Wait for shipment.

Wait by your front door.

Get products you purchased.

Wrap in vintage Santa Claus wrapping paper.

Hide away in garage.

Forget about Christmas shopping.

Because it is done!

And here are two sneak peeks of what you can buy:

Azucar's St. Mortiz Tote:
And this incredible Nie Doll made by Christine:

Are you drooling?

See you shopping!

A big thank you to Morgan, all the artists and future buyers. We love you!

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