Remote Control

Every morning as Ollie is getting dressed:

"Where is my spiderman shirt?"

"You don't have a spiderman shirt."

I break the news gently.

"Uncle Chup is going to get me one, after work."

"Ok." I reply (just like the last three mornings).

Then Gigs shows up.


Which translates as helicopter.

"When Uncle Chup comes home from work, we'll do helicopter."

Lucy explains.

"I want to go get an ice cream at the Creamery."

Jane insists.

"Maybe after Uncle Chup gets home."

I insist.

"When can I listen to my i-pod?"

Claire asks.

"When Uncle Chup comes home from work and finishes setting them up."

I answer.

Then, The Chief sticks out his bottom lip.

Then, I whisper in his ear,

"Daddy will be home soon."

And I want to believe it,

cause I have a few questions myself.

Like, why isn't the vacuum sucking?


How did we get here again?

S&C Update: Steph had surgery today. There has been a concern about infection, but she was capable to endure another skin grafting surgery. It was successful! I don't have a Christian update at this time, but will post one as soon as I have one.

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