Promise of Prayers

As of today, our brave Stephanie continues to fight! Doctors have not updated her status of very critical condition. Although she is starting to react more to outside stimulus, she continues to be in a medically induced coma.

Last week's skin graft surgery (using her own skin, if you will recall) was successful. Doctors wanted at least 30% to take (typically, the body does not accept the whole skin graft) and we were told that 50% took. Of course this means that she will have many surgeries in the future. In fact, we are told that she will have another skin graft (her own skin again) on Friday. Thus the life of a burn patient. Patience for the patient is how I feel.

Our devoted Christian is now alert and becoming more aware of the situation. It is an immensely emotional time for him as you can imagine. Everything is baby steps, both physically and emotionally. But from all reports, I can tell that he is holding to his faith and letting our prayers carry him. He loves Stephanie so much.

We thank so many of you out there not only for your prayers, donations and strength but for also allowing us our privacy at this time. Our families feel hopeful while realizing that the path to recovery will be long. Medical updates will slow down as bodies stabilize. Thanks for refilling our canteens (so to speak) on this journey. Every comment helps, every shared story or testimony shared is read and received into our collective energy of hope.

I think all of us can say that our lives will never be the same again.

For the better. For the better.

And this is their gift to us.

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