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Sisters Lucy and Steph-June 2008
I really don't have much updates to give to you at this time. Steph's skin graft surgery was postponed twice and Christian is back on his breathing tubes (much to be expected).

I can't really tell you about how all four children ended up in my bed last night either, only that when I woke up I only had inches of rotating space. So much for the sprawl, right?

And I'm still unable to figure out how Lucy fed, bathed and snuggled all of our babies last night while I fell asleep on the couch. Not only that, but she had the energy to make signs and tickets for Claire and Jane's impromptu musicals entitled "ABC 123" and "The Naughty Baby" (starring the smiling Chief).

But I can convey to you the excitement of having my Chup come home after a week-long business trip. This is me taking my hat off to single parents. I even have a team of sisters at my command and it is still quite the lonely road. Not that I need more help, just that I need my buddy who laughs at my jokes and rubs the small of my back at the end of the day.

Speaking of my team of sisters . . . I really want to write down our efficient committee so that Stephanie will know how we all banded together at this time. In addition to weekly babysitting here are their assigned jobs:

Suze: Helps me reply to the wonderful e-mails we are getting.

Katy: Has taken over all school-related activities (homework, show and tell) as well as the girl's weekly laundry.

Page: Answers all medical inquiries and grocery shops for me when needed. She also sends her older daughters down to help me with Anything I Need.

Lisa: Is heading up the Nie Book project! Also answers e-mails.

Megan: Answers e-mails and is my personal Encourager.

Lindsay: Just gave birth (last week) to yet another gorgeous child, a little girl, who gives us all hope in times like these. She reminds us how life continues to be beautiful.

Lucy: Is mother to Gigs, personal house cleaner, my dearest friend. The Real Hero.

So, that is my update for today.

Bless my heart.

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